Here is what we are doing this year.

Guests and Non -Members are welcome.elf

  1. Tuesday - 10th May 2016
    Business Meeting
    Members met for the first time in the new year to review the plans for the coming year ahead.
  2. Thursday - 26th May 2016
    Programme Action Evening
    An evening spent looking at the projects the Club will support during the year and onwards. This is for LOCAL - NATIONAL - INTERNATIONAL projects. For example: Local hospice, domestic violence, Water Aid, Mary's Meal and the Meru Garden Project
  3. Tuesday - 14th June 2016
    Business and Pleasure
    Apart from covering a range of business items raised by our Federation lead SIGB - President Alison had prepared a presentation and talk on the Galapagos Islands.
  4. Thursday - 30th June 2016
    The Mothers Union
    Presentation by Julia Collinson on the work of the Mother's Union and how she came to be a member. Very interesting and we found a lot of similarities to the work of Soroptimist's. For further information you can go to:
  5. Tuesday - 12th July 2016
    Planning for a 75th Party and speaker from the Eden Valley Hospice
    Party planning time to make our final arrangements for a very special celebration for SI Carlisle chartered 75 years this year. We will also be hearing from CEO Bill Mumford from the Eden Valley Hospice on their special year.
  6. Thursday - 28th July 2016
    Visit to Wreay Church and Supper
    Meet outside church at 6:30 pm (or in The Plough if raining). Guided tour around the beautiful church of Wreay followed by supper at The Plough. 8pm
  7. Tuesday - 13th September 2016
    The Stroke Association
    Presentation by Tracey Graham to talk about the work of the association.
  8. Thursday - 29th September 2016
    Membership Evening
    Presentation by Sheila Gregory - CEO Mencap. The GRACE LITTLE CENTRE in Carlisle
  9. Tuesday - 11 October 2016
    Tullie House
    Speaker David Ramshaw on his latest book - Tullie House.
  10. Thursday - 27th October 2016
    Elstree Years
    Presentation by Callum Scott-Buccleugh on his years at the Elstree Studios
  11. Tuesday - 8th November 2016
    Refugee and the Dunkirk Camop
    Presentation by Sarah Wilson - Project Lead - Dunkirk Adult Learning Centre
  12. Thursday - 24th November 2016
    Business Meeting
  13. Sunday - 27th November 2016
    Charity Luncheon
  14. Tuesday - 13th December 2016
    SI Carlisle Christmas Dinner
    Details to follow
  15. Wishing You All a Happy Christmas
  16. Thursday - 26th January 2017
  17. Tuesday - 10th January 2017
    Beatrix Potter
    Presentation by Vivienne Crowe
  18. Tuesday - 14th February 2017
  19. Thursday - 23rd February 2017
  20. Tuesday, 14th March 2017
    Games Evening & Supper
  21. Thursday - 30th March 2017
  22. Tuesday - 11th April 2017
    Annual General Meeting for Soroptimist International of Carlisle and planning for the next year.
  23. Thursday 27th April 2017
    Change of Insignia
    Supper event - details to follow.
  24. Saturday, 16th July, 2016
    75th Anniversary Luncheon
    Fellow SI members, friends and family invited to join us in celebrating 75 years. 12:30 pm for 1 pm - Auctioneer, Rosehill Estate.