Our Gallery

Just a few of the things we have and are supporting.
  1. Twiddle Muffs for persons suffering from Dementia
    Twiddle Muffs for persons suffering from Dementia
    This is what we do and supply to hospitals and community centres to support persons with dementia.
  2. Collecting for Marie Curie
    Collecting for Marie Curie
    For many years club members have distributed Marie Curie collection boxes to local businesses in Carlisle for the annual Spring collection.
  3. Supported the Women's Refuge
    Supported the Women's Refuge
    The Club has supported through the years with toiletries, bedding and clothing, BUT sometimes we try to make Christmas a little easier
  4. Supporting Eden Valley Hospice
    Supporting Eden Valley Hospice
    Since it's opening the S I Carlisle has supported the hospice in many ways including fund raising.
  5. "Fish and Chip Babies"
    "Fish and Chip Babies"
    Babies being born into poverty with no baby clothing - wrapped in newspaper - like Fish and Chips. Members knitted a rang of colourful basic clothing to be sent.